Is it Time to Take Your Roof to the Shop?

Nobody likes taking their vehicle to the shop for an oil change, tires and other maintenance. Yet almost everybody does it.  People know the consequences of not taking care of such a vital asset.  Yet when it comes to their roof, few homeowners understand how a little maintenance now can prevent tremendous expense and heartache in the future.

You change the oil and filter in your car because you know the engine will seize and leave you stranded if you neglect it.  Not to mention, failing to change the oil voids the warranty on your vehicle.  The same goes for your roof, essentially.  Rather than being stranded on the roadside, you may find water leaks destroying your ceilings and walls, along with your floors, carpets, furniture, and family photos.  And there’s a strong chance your insurance carrier will refuse to cover the cost of repairs to the roof or the other damage if the leak is caused by a lack of maintenance.

Here are a few roofing maintenance tips:

  • On a regular basis, even if it’s from the street or your backyard rather than on a ladder, do a visual inspection of your roof, looking for any debris, staining, or noticeable damage.
  • Gently sweep or blow off loose debris such as leaves and pine needles.
  • Keep the gutters and downspouts clear of blockage.
  • Twice a year, examine roof shingles and all roof penetrations, paying particular attention to the flashing, boots, and caulking around pipes, vents, skylights, chimneys, and other items.
  • Trim any nearby trees.  Branches making contact with the roof can do serious damage to shingles, gutters, facia, and other parts of your roofing system, as well as siding.  Even without making contact, excessive shade can promote the growth of damaging algae and moss.
  • Examine the underside of your roofing system from the attic. With the lights out during a bright day, even small pinholes can be easy to spot.  Look for water stains as tell-tale signs of a leak.

Very little of this maintenance sounds easy – or safe – for the average homeowner. The good news?  Roofing professionals will do much of it for free… and the remainder – such as cleaning debris from the roof and gutters – can be done professionally at relatively little cost.

Salty Construction of Kingwood, for example, will provide a full inspection of your roofing system, from above and below, absolutely free, and can tailor a custom roof maintenance program to suit your needs, at prices that may surprise you. 

Why?  They want you as a regular, happy customer, so if a storm damages your roof, you already have a good relationship.  You don’t have to rely on the unknown roof salesman knocking randomly at your door, peddling services from a company you know nothing about.  As a regular customer, Salty Construction can offer you discounts on all services provided, and expedited treatment if you ever have an emergency.  And if you ever have damage and an insurance claim, you will have a clear record of proper maintenance, helping ensure your claim is approved.

Regardless of whether you choose to do it yourself or bring in the professionals, don’t overlook the health of the roof that is protecting you, your loved ones, and your treasured possessions from the harsh elements. Preventing roof damage is easier and far cheaper than remediation.

Leaves and pine needles piled up in the valleys of your roof and clogging up your gutters can lead to the growth of algae and moss that gets up under the shingles and damages their protective capability.  This damage can greatly reduce the life of your roof and negate the shingle manufacturer’s warranty. Studies show that lack of maintenance can cut a 30-year roof’s useful life in half.